Realms of Terror

Realms of Terror

Realms of Terror



“She watches the hole closely, feeling the vacuum of the boundary portal sucking at her cheek, making her dizzy. An intake of foul breath enters her nose and the faraway wave of a thousand screams make their way into her head.

Amara has been here before.

Decades prior, Amara was found roaming the dirt bank. Wearing nothing but a mask of white gauze, her nails were tarred, black talons. Her lips were the blood red of a still-beating heart. She tirelessly recounted tales of other worlds, demons, and undead abominations. Lost, tortured souls scratching their way into her nightmares, tearing apart the boundaries to become her reality. These delusions finally led to her being institutionalized.

Decades of treatment proved to be ineffectual and one day Amara suddenly vanished.

Embracing her gift, she returned to the Realms and opened the portal. There she roams, bound to the hallways like sharp whispers hitched to the backs of nightmare shadows.  Some say to help unsuspecting souls who wander through like trapped mice, others say she just returned home, to the honeycombed hell house of Amara’s Realms of Terror.”

Accounts as reported by Rachel Litt.


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