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  • Posted : September 22nd, 2017

Enigma Haunt Ready to Terrify Again this Fall, Presale Tickets on Sale Sept. 1st

Opening Night Sat., Sept. 30th, Haunt Dates through Tues., Oct. 31 – Halloween Night


Sept, 22, 2017, Boca Raton, FL – Trapped, feeling what must be cobwebs brush by while moving through another dimly lit narrow corridor, the air filled with disturbing sounds and smells attacking all senses, someone or something moving ahead coming towards you, you are frozen with fear,  you are immersed in Enigma Haunt’s reality.

Welcome to the 2017 Enigma Haunt season. Doors open Saturday, September 30th at 7pm with dates through Halloween night, Tuesday, October 31st. Skip the ticket line and purchase online. Presale tickets on sale Friday, September 1st. A portion of each online ticket goes to the Don’t Be A Monster Anti-Bullying Initiative. October is national Anti-Bullying Month.

Entering its 6th season, Enigma Haunt, 1751 N. Military Trail in Boca Raton, is the most intense indoor haunted attraction in South Florida and voted as the 2016_#1 Top Haunt in Florida and among the Top 31 Haunts in the Nation by The Scare Factor.  Open for 15 days this season, including Halloween night, Enigma Haunt pans more than 20,000 sq feet and two floors, featuring three spine tingling attractions under one roof – Pandemic, Into Oblivion and Realms of Terror.

“This is going to be our most thrilling season yet, our guests will find it both terrifying and entertaining,” said Billy Groeneveld, owner and co-creator of Enigma Haunt with his wife Karen. “We have always put a lot of work and thought into our haunt and we spend our off season traveling the country, visiting cities and other haunted attractions. We have come up with new thrills throughout the attraction and created new surprises to keep the mind guessing. It’s intense, scary and fun.”

Each year, parts of the attraction are knocked down to make room for new areas, creating different themes, characters and scares. Strategically built to provide the ultimate experience with intense details and unbelievable set design, Enigma Haunt also has more than 80 trained actors who know and enjoy various scare techniques, a professional makeup and costume team and integrated state of the art special effects that tease each of the five senses. From their own imagination, to those collective conscious themes found in nightmares, on the big screen and common phobias, Enigma Haunt has created a surreal reality, filled with creatures, both human and not. Come opening night, the entire crew comes together to awaken Enigma Haunt for the season, bringing this extraordinary live horror theatrical attraction to life.

Presale tickets go on sale Friday, Sept. 1st for Realms of Terror or the best deal, the Triple Terror Pack for all three haunts. To skip the line for the attraction, Enigma Haunt offers the R.I.P. Priority Pass for all 3 haunts. Enigma Haunt caters to all ages, but may be too intense for those 12 and under.

Enigma Haunt is an award winning, family owned and operated haunted attraction that began 18 years ago with a simple set-up just on their front patio to entertain trick-or-treaters on Halloween night. Each year, as the kids got older, the home-haunt attraction grew. In 2012, they converted the home-haunt to a professional, entertaining and ultimate haunted attraction. Today, Enigma Haunt has a full professional crew of set designers, actors, makeup and costume artists and scares more than 10,000 guests each season.


$30.00 Triple Terror Pack (All 3 Haunts)
$45.00 "R.I.P" Fast Pass
Online Ticketing

A portion of each online ticket goes to the Don't Be A Monster Anti-Bullying Initiative. October is national Anti-Bullying Month!

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