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  • Posted : July 28th, 2014

                                      Enigma Haunt Announces 2016 Dates

 Haunted Attraction gives extreme makeover to both Haunts and adds a third, PANDEMIC!!


August 12, 2016 — Boca Raton, FLEnigma Haunt, one of South Florida’s most terrifying and detailed haunted attractions, will be open for all five weekends in October, beginning Saturday Oct. 1st and is featuring new themes, twists, and effects to its demented dimensions to deliver an unforgettable haunted experience.

Enigma Haunt, located at 1751 N. Military Trail, between Glades Rd and Palmetto Pk, is utilizing two floors and more than 19,000 sq feet of the old Bally’s Gym to bring the horrifyingly real dimensions to visitors.  Featuring three hair rising haunted attractions in one indoor location: Pandemic!, Into Oblivion and Realms of Terror  In addition to the indoor haunted space, the Haunt will have an outdoor staging area, The Pit, with cue line entertainment that’s sure to twist the imagination of those awaiting entrance into the haunt.

The terror starts the first weekend in October.

15 Dates of Terror:

October 1, 7 & 8, 14-16, 20-23 and 27-31 .

Open from 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm on Sundays & Thursdays.

Open from 7:00 pm to Midnight on Fridays & Saturdays

The haunts are designed to intensify scares, play on phobias and build suspense sure to send spine tingling chills and shivers through each patron who dares to enter. With over 70 actors, new undead abominations and horrific characters will be there vying for souls while some of Enigma Haunts iconic characters return, ready for each victim – Amara, who opened the Realm’s portals and still roams there; Otto the Clown; Sammy the Disturbed; and Jedidiah the Butcher.

Billy Groeneveld, owner and co-creator of Enigma Haunt with his wife Karen states, “We want to bring our customers right to the edge of reality which makes them question what they just saw, not only the sights and sounds but right down to the smells of each scene.  Fear is driven by all the senses and we aim to hit every one of them.”

 The haunted attraction will also sponsor various charity nights throughout October to continue giving back to the community. Last year Boca Helping Hands and Tri County Animal Hospital were on location. New this year, a portion of online ticket sales will be donated to Don’t Be A Anti-Bullying campaign aimed at educating students to speak out against bully’s.  Enigma Haunt caters to all ages, although it may be too intense for children under 12.

 About the Haunts:

Pandemic!  A zombie virus outbreak will affect everyone different.  In the swamps of Florida something else has come to light.  Starved but resourceful, backwoods survivors have resorted to cannibalism but have also utilized the walking dead as their “guard dogs”. Patrons will be sought out by both, the survivors who need both nourishment and to create new “pets”, and the zombies who crave human flesh as well. No one is safe.

Into Oblivion features a post-apocalyptic world drenched in blacklight and new breeds borne of a dangerous new world order.  Journey through this area as your minds struggles to understand what you are seeing you are eventually herded out of the known and into oblivion.  Into Oblivion is ready to push the patron’s senses to the razors edge. Each step will immerse them deeper into the unknown and will let their minds run wild.  Their own fears and visions of that unknown will extract a different response from each person giving everyone a totally unique interaction with the haunt.

Realms of Terror has 20 highly detailed themed chambers that will traverse dimensions playing on peoples most vivid nightmares through technically-advanced animation and computer-generated imagery (CGI), horrifying smells and almost 50 skilled actors, all of which culminate to bring those nightmares to life.

About Enigma Haunt:

Enigma Haunt is a family owned and operated haunted attraction that began 15 years ago with a simple set-up just on their front patio to entertain trick-or-treaters on Halloween night. Each year, as the kids got older, the home-haunt attraction grew, reaching up to 500 visitors on Halloween night. In 2012, the haunt moved to its current location, converting the home-haunt to a professional, entertaining and ultimate haunted attraction in South Florida.


Domino’s Pizza:

Enigma Haunt is proud to announce locally franchised owned Domino’s as a sponsor for the 2015 Haunt Season. Starting late September, order pizza from participating 10 locations and get a coupon discount to the haunt. Haunt ticket holders will also receive a Domino’s coupon when they come to the haunt for the participating stores.

Participating Domino’s locations: West Boca Raton (20423 St. Rd 7), PB Garden (4388 Northlake Blvd.),Central Boca Raton (21073 Powerline Rd.), WPB-Community & Military (2800 N. Military Trail),East Boca Raton (1328 NW 2nd Ave.), Lake Worth/Green Acres (6548 Lake Worth Rd), West Delray Beach (4801 Linton Blvd.), WPB-Summit & Military (1336 S. Military Trail), two locations in Deerfield Beach (210 N. Federal Highway and 3380 W. Hillsboro Blvd).


For more information call 855-99-HAUNT.

Like Enigma Haunt on Facebook and follow on Twitter. Spot the Enigma Haunt bus on the road or at an event and tweet about it for a chance to win free passes. Group tickets can be purchased and organized in advance.


$30.00 Triple Terror Pack (All 3 Haunts)
$45.00 "R.I.P" Fast Pass
Online Ticketing

A portion of each online ticket goes to the Don't Be A Monster Anti-Bullying Initiative. October is national Anti-Bullying Month!

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