Death Is Always An Option


2021….Here we come!!  

Enigma Haunt’s 9th season promises to be a return to the award winning, gut wrenching fear, in your face haunted attraction experience. Enigma Haunt has three haunts that span 20,000 square feet and two floors and immerse you so deep into our reality that you begin to question yours!

Twisted Mayhem
Realms of Terror

South Florida is deeply rooted in history and tradition.  From the impenetrable depth of the Everglades to the fog laden shores of Lake Okeechobee, stories are passed down from generation to generation and tribe to tribe.  Many of these stories recant horrifying curses and pure terror brought upon unsuspecting explorers, pirates and settlers that journeyed to South Florida centuries ago.  Many native Floridians believe that these “legends” are in fact truth and that the instances involving this unknown horror are currently increasing in frequency.   Pure evil has many forms, tortured souls, demons and undead abominations all from a realm that appears to have crossed the boundaries into reality and are considered an Enigma in the universe today and those attacked by this Enigma are paying a price for eternity.  Today’s society is controlled by the media and in South Florida they have buried the truth to preserve the tourism industry that is so vital to us.  Untold deaths, many left undiscovered or unsolved, are brushed under the carpet although descriptions of the bodies and the circumstances surrounding these atrocities are not of this world. This Enigma has exposed itself here in South Florida and awaits those that enter the Enigma Haunted Attraction.

Enigma Haunt is a South Florida haunted house in Boca Raton, Florida.


$30.00 Triple Terror Pack (All 3 Haunts)
$45.00 "R.I.P" Fast Pass
Online Ticketing

A portion of each online ticket goes to the Don't Be A Monster Anti-Bullying Initiative. October is national Anti-Bullying Month!

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